Quick and Easy Ways to Protect Your Car Exterior

Quick and Easy Ways to Protect Your Car Exterior

A car isn’t just about the engine and its driving performance, or about the comfort and convenience you feel inside. It’s an accessory that says something about you, and driving a dirty car around town certainly doesn’t reflect well on you. A car is almost like a work of art, and aesthetics matter. You have to make sure the car exterior looks nice all the time.

Fortunately, the regular maintenance required for the car exterior isn’t all that complicated. Here are several quick and easy ways to protect your car exterior:

Always Park the Car Under Cover

This is one of the more obvious methods of car exterior protection, but too many people forget about it. Sure, it’s not always possible to do this when you’re parking out in public. But if it’s possible, go with the covered structure.

The main reason for this is that the rays of the sun will damage the exterior, and over time, will cause the car paint to fade. A cover on top of the car also protects the car exterior from tree sap and bird droppings. Plus, a cover on the car is more convenient for you when it’s raining or snowing.

Clean the Car Exterior Regularly

This is the other main rule of car exterior protection. There’s really no way to avoid having grime and dirt on the outside of the car. But what you can avoid is having these substances sit too long on the car exterior. They cause more damage to the exterior the longer they sit there in place.

That’s why you should have a regular schedule regarding visits to your local carwash. If your town has an Autobell Car Wash, then you’re good.

You can do the carwash yourself, but this takes some effort and care regarding equipment. Don’t use a dish detergent or rags that might scratch up the paint.

Wax the Car Regularly

The wax on the paint acts like a sunscreen does for your skin. It offers a barrier between the car paint and the harsh environment, such as the rays of the sun.

The good news is that waxing the car doesn’t have to be done as often as a regular car wash. Once every 3 months will be just fine. Again, you might want to opt for a professional wax job (probably the same place as the car wash) to make sure the job is done right.

It’s best, though, that you go with a hand wax job, as the wax layer will last for a longer time. Automated car wax jobs may be quicker to get the job done, but the car wax layer also doesn’t last as long.

Apply Ceramic Coating

This is like a car wash as it also acts as a protective layer for the car paint, but ceramic coating is much more effective. The ceramic coating bonds with the car paint, and it lasts on for a much longer time than a car wax. It’s much more scratch-resistant, and fares much better to extreme temperatures.

As long as you apply the ceramic coating properly, this is an excellent choice. It even makes more cars even better-looking, and that’s not a bad bonus feature!

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