How to Protect Your Car’s Paint

How to Protect Your Car’s Paint

There are numerous paint care products in the market. And we’ve also been introduced to various detailing methods that claim to help protect a car’s paint. But while some may work, most do not. We share some tips on how you can protect and care for your car’s paint.

Tip #1 Use a clay bar.

Water and car shampoo are no longer enough to eliminate contaminants that tend to stick to the paint. But a clay bar may just be the solution to this. Invented in Japan nearly 4 decades ago, a clay bar is made of a resin material with a play-doh texture.

What you need to do is first wash the paint with auto detailing shampoo. Then lubricate the surface before using the clay bar so it can glide easily across the surface. You can buy a lubricant for this purpose online or in auto stores. Also keep in mind that clay bars come in various colors to indicate the level of abrasiveness.

Tip #2 Polish the paint.

This is perhaps the most misunderstood procedure when it comes to paint care and it is often overlooked. Car polish involves the use of an abrasive compound, which, removes imperfections of the paint. It makes the surface smooth, thereby preparing it for wax or sealant. If you proceed to waxing right away the surface will look dull and the wax will wear off quickly.

Tip #3 Apply wax and/or sealant regularly.

The key difference between wax and sealant is that wax is made of a natural substance while a sealant is a synthetic product. They each give a different kind of shine but both are great at protecting your car paint. You can use either wax or sealant or both – apply the wax first followed by the sealant.

Tip #4. When washing your car, use non-abrasive methods/equipment.

As much as possible stay away from automatic wash systems that use conveyor belts since they usually have abrasive nylon brushes. Even brushless car wash systems can be abrasive as well with their high powered pressure washers and harsh chemicals.

Tip #5: Don’t expose your car to high heat/sunlight for long periods.

You can’t really evade the harsh effects of the UV rays. But there are steps you can do to minimize the damage. For example, you should always park your car in a covered parking such as your garage or under a tree/shade. Waxing also offers protection along with regular car washing.

Tip #6: Consider paint protection

You may want to consider investing in paint protection products specifically, paint protection film and ceramic coating. The former is a transparent urethane material which is applied to the painted surface of your vehicle to preserve the paint. A ceramic coating on the other hand is a liquid polymer which is applied to the exterior areas of the vehicle. It will then chemically bond with the paint giving it a layer of protection and preventing contaminants from bonding with the paint.

Make sure you get your car washed and cleaned by professionals at Zips or Car Spa so your vehicle’s paint is protected.

4 Ways To Protect Your Car’s Paint

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