Automatic Touchless Car Wash Advantages

Automatic Touchless Car Wash Advantages

Touchless car washes use high-pressure water jets to wash and clean your vehicle. Aside from the washing method, there really isn’t much differences between this automatic car wash and conventional car wash. But it does offer a few benefits including:

  1. Touchless stations require less amounts of water than a traditional car wash.
  2. They lower the pollution of groundwaters since they reclaim and reuse water.
  3. It’s less tedious since you don’t have to use sponges and brushes.
  4. It may cause less damage compared to a DIY car wash.

Keep in mind that with brushes, mitts and sponges you can easily scratch the vehicle’s surface. If there’s tiny particles of dirt, dust or sand in these cleaning tools, the scratches can go as deep as 10% of thickness.

Another thing to take note of is that touchless car wash makes use of high-pressure spray to wash off dirt before cleaning. The cleaning solutions applied are also rinsed off completely to prevent grit.

Tunnel vs. Touchless Car Wash

Routine car washes can greatly improve the maintenance of your car, but doing this task is easier said than done. With some options for car washing, you may be doing your vehicle more harm than good.

A tunnel car wash uses a conveyor belt system, which enables the vehicle to pass through a tunnel. Basically, the car will go through several steps within the tunnel, such as pre-washing, washing and then drying. The whole process is performed by a set of machines so it will require fewer people and more on equipment and technology. So what are the advantages of a tunnel carwash over a touchless car wash? Which one is better than the other?

With touchless car wash, it’s hands-off. You don’t cause any friction from removing unwanted grime, dirt or bugs as it uses intense water pressure to do this instead of scrubbing. However, this method more often than not use harsh chemical treatments which could take out the wax coating or protective coating of the vehicle. If you use touchless car wash frequently, it could dry out or dull out the paint of your vehicle which means it will require a new coat of paint quickly than usual.

A tunnel car wash, on the other hand, uses safe and effective cleaning techniques. It often uses a foam-like material that is soft and has the ability to remove stubborn dirt without scratching the paint. The detergent used is also usually paint-safe, plus the added waxes also protect the paint while removing calcium stains and other stains.

This type of car wash also uses less water which is good for the environment and good for your wallet as well. It uses technology that maps and defines the dimension and shape of the vehicle to make sure all hard to reach places are cleaned as well.

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