The Four Categories Of Car Washes

Since the first automated car wash opened in Detroit in 1914, their popularity has only increased by leaps and bounds! This isn’t surprising for many reasons from the increase of car ownership among Americans to their increasingly busy lifestyles resulting in less time for do-it-yourself car wash. Besides, the benefits including the fast convenience and low cost of a car wash cannot be beat!

Here, we will discuss the four major categories of car washes that have since been developed since the first car wash was opened. Be sure to consider each one for its pros and cons so that you can make a smart decision between, say, Mister Car Wash or Autobell.  

#1 Self-service Car Wash

In a typical self-service system, a pressure sprayer, a foaming brush, and a large central pump are the primary tools used in cleaning cars. The pressure sprayer has a coin-operated dial system where a customer can choose from among a few options – soap, rinse, and wax – after depositing a certain number of coins.  

#2 Exterior Rollover Cash Wash

In it, an automated system controls the car wash process although the driver remains inside the car. Basically, you will drive your car into the bay and position it in preparation for an exterior car wash; a signal will tell you when to stop.

Your car will then be subjected to a series of cleaning steps done by specialized equipment. The steps usually include applying soap, rinsing with water, and drying with air.  

#3 Full Service Car Wash

In a full service car wash, both the exteriors and interiors of a car will be cleaned. You will drive your car into the bay and position its front tire on a special conveyor belt; place your car into neutral at this point. Your car will then be guided through the bay and cleaned using several types of specialized equipment.  

Once the exterior cleaning process is completed, attendants will manually clean your car’s interiors. A few of the exterior services, such as cleaning the wheels and drying the car’s exterior with cloths, may also be done by hand.  

#4 Detail Shop

In a detail shop, the attendants may manually clean the car and/or an automated system may be used for the job. After a thorough washing, the attendants will clean and polish your car with tools like buffers, cloths, and wax.  

If you want your car to look almost brand new, then a detail shop is your best option. Here, you can ask the attendants to remove small scratches and dull paint, steam clean the seats and carpets, and remove tar, even brighten the chrome detailing, among other services.  

Which one is the best? It depends on your budget and preference but if you want the full Monty, then a detail shop is a great choice.  

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