Pressure Washer And Paintwork: Does One Damage The Other?  

Every modern carwash, such as the Mister Car Wash chain, uses pressure washers in cleaning their customers’ cars. But there’s a rumor going around that the use of pressure washers can damage the vehicles’ paintwork, said damage of which can include scratches. No car owner wants his or her car to be damaged after getting through a carwash service bay!

But is the rumor true? The short answer: No. But let’s take a closer look at the matter so that you can be more confident in letting the technicians at your favorite carwash handle your car.

How a Pressure Washer Works

Of course, you can clean your car on your own using your garden hosepipe and store-bought carwash detergents. But a do-it-yourself carwash isn’t as effective as a commercial carwash because of the more powerful and, thus, more effective equipment used in the latter.

Don’t be afraid that a commercial pressure washer used in the likes of Mister Car Wash will damage your paintwork.  This simply isn’t true for many reasons.

First, the only way a pressure washer can damage your car’s paintwork is when it’s held too close to the car’s exterior surface. If it is, then it will effectively strip off the car’s paintwork. But commercial carwashes set their pressure washers at a safe distance so that these pieces of equipment clean the car’s surface without damaging, much less stripping off the paintwork.

Second, the pressure washer must be powerful enough to actually damage the car’s paintwork. But again, commercial carwashes choose their pressure washers well so there’s little to no risk of damage when these are used properly.  

There’s also the fact that a pressure washer cleans a car’s exterior by lifting and encapsulating the dirt particles in water, usually by getting in behind these dirt particles. A protective layer is then created between your car’s paintwork and the dirt particles. Most people think that a pressure washer cleans when the pressurized water drives the dirt particles into the paintwork’s surface.

Plus, the pre-foam process loosens and lifts the dirt particles from the surface. When a pressure washer is used to rinse your car, the dirt particles are then easier to remove.  

How to Ensure Its Safe Use

Of course, proper use is still a must when it comes to pressure washers. You shouldn’t handle them if you aren’t trained in their use lest you find yourself dealing with an expensive repainting job. Just leave it to the carwash technicians, if possible.

Like all pieces of equipment in a carwash, pressure washers can be your dirty car’s best friend or worst enemy. The difference lies in their proper use.  

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