Safest Options In A Car Wash

The benefits of regular car wash outweigh its costs – and you can ask any satisfied customer at Delta Sonic about it, too! The benefits include keeping your car clean inside and outside that, in turn, means keeping it in good condition for a higher resale value. Besides, your car will make an impression on others and it you want it to be the good kind.  

You should then choose the safest yet most effective option in a car wash.  

Choose Brushless

Abrasive brushes can leave small scratches on your car’s finish – truly, an expensive repair work in the making. You should then choose a car wash that use a brushless system so that your car’s finish can be protected.  

Older cars are usually subjected to a single stage paint process so small and light scratches can be buffed. But this isn’t so with contemporary cars with base/clear paint system wherein a thin, transparent layer of clear coat adds shine to the underlying base paint. For this reason, repainting the entire damaged area is the only solution to restore the shine – and it’s an expensive repair work.  

Again, a brushless system will minimize, if not eliminate, the risks of small yet costly scratches on modern cars. You want a good car wash, not a wallet vacuum.

Go for Touchless, Too

Yet another safe bet is the so-called touchless car wash wherein high-pressure water jets and car-suitable detergents are used in cleaning cars.  The system is called touchless because aside from the water and foam touching the car, there are no other physical contact made. The result: No risk of cosmetic damages to your car yet it will come out clean as a whistle.  

Ask about the Wipe-down

In most car wash establishments, the attendants will wipe down your car’s exterior with fresh, clean and soft microfiber towels (i.e., after-wash wipe-down). This is okay, of course, for as long as the towels used for each car hasn’t been used on other cars.

But if you see that the towels have been used on the cars ahead of your car, then just drive away with your car’s exterior still relatively wet. This is obviously true if the cloths used by the attendants appear old and dirty. This is because the accumulated dirt, among other abrasives, left on the dirty rags will scratch your car’s surface like sandpaper on wood.  

Letting your car air dry, so to speak, may not sound great but it will mean less damage to its paint job. You can clean up any lingering streaks at home using spray cleaners anyway.

Most important, be sure to check that your car is in good condition – or at least, in the condition you expect it to be considering its age and use – before driving away.  The car wash still has a responsibility in case of damage caused by its attendants.

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