How to Give Your Car the Perfect Shine

How to Give Your Car the Perfect Shine

Your car’s appearance reflects how well you take care of it. A beaten down car does not really bode well about your sense of responsibility. On the other hand, a well maintained vehicle tells others you take really good care of it.

And if you’re trying to sell the car, it also boosts its resale value. First impressions last and one of the first things people notice about cars is how shiny it is (or conversely, how dull the paint it is). But paint shine is only one aspect of making your car look shiny. There are other things you need to pay attention to such as windows, glass, wheels, tires, and headlights.  

Here are the steps you need to take if you want the ultimate car shine.

1. Paint

  • Wash – Your car needs a thorough washing to remove all contaminants on the paint. Use a pH balanced car shampoo followed by using a clay bar.
  • Polish – Once it has been washed and dried, you need to then polish it to get rid of minor paint defects and ensure the surface is leveled out. You can go with polishing pads or use a machine like a rotary polisher.
  • Paint glaze – For added shine, you can apply paint glaze after polishing.
  • Wax or sealant – If you want a reflective shine go for natural carnauba wax but keep in mind the shine will not last very long. Synthetic paint sealant on the other hand will last as long as 6 months, but it will not provide a glossy finish.

2. Wheels and tires

When aiming to make the wheels and tires shine, don’t use scouring pads, steel wool or hard brushes because it will scratch the metal. For cleaners, use a product specially designed for wheels and tires, one that is safe to use on chrome and mag wheels. You’ll also need a wheel protectant to protect the wheel from road tar, brake dust and other dirt and grime. Finally, apply tire shine to give your tires their much needed shine.

3. Glass

The secret to making your windows and glass shine is by ensuring there are no streaks when cleaning, and this can be done through steam cleaning. It’s also important to use a window and glass cleaning solution that ensures streak-free cleaning. Wax the glass surfaces as well using microfiber towel.

4. Interior shine

Car shine is not just for the exterior of your vehicle but it also applies to the interior. Dirty car seats are a turn off and will adversely affect the overall appearance of your car. Use an upholstery cleaner that is specifically designed for the material of your upholstery and protect your seats with covers. Vinyl surfaces should be cleaned too including the dashboard, steering wheel, cupholders, door pockets, console, etc. Lastly, your mats and carpets can get very dirty real fast. You need to vacuum clean it and have them washed on a regular basis.

5. Engine

Of course, a shiny car won’t be impressive unless it also comes with a shiny engine. Using a cleaning method like steam can bring back the engine’s appearance and add value to your car.

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How To Give Your Car A Glossy Shine

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