Have Your Car Detailed, Get Higher Resale Value

Savvy car owners know that a cleaner car will increase its resale value. Thus, they invest time, effort and money in getting their cars washed and detailed at Mister Car Wash prior to showing it to prospective buyers. Here are the areas that should ideally be provided with more attention, carwash-wise.  

Under the Hood

Every prospective buyer of used cars worth his salt will look under the hood – the engine bay, in other words – before making the final decision. This isn’t surprising as it’s always a great idea to check the engine’s overall condition, in terms of its running functionality (i.e., test drive) and its general appearance.

In case of the latter, it’s always a great idea to have the engine bay cleaned thoroughly by experienced carwash staff. The process usually includes the removal of the dirt, dust and debris including leaves, rocks and twigs in the engine bay; the application of an all-purpose cleaner; and the dressing down with a water-based tire dressing.

Exterior and Wheels

The more attractive the car’s exterior is, the higher its resale value can be for obvious reasons. But a full-service pain job isn’t efficient so a full-service carwash is the next best thing – it will make your car look well cared for at a fraction of the price.

Check that the tires and wheels also appear to be in great shape. There’s no need to buy new parts but it definitely helps to keep them looking shiny, if not nearly brand-new.  

Floor Mats

Since floor mats are subjected to plenty of abuse from foot traffic, these are also good indicators of a car’s maintenance. Be sure to regularly clean your car’s floor mats so that these appear well cared for, as well as prevent the buildup of illness-causing organisms like mildew and mold.

Again, there’s no need to buy and install new floor mats if you’re selling your car and gunning for its higher resale value. Instead, you can have your car’s existing floor mats thoroughly vacuumed and scrubbed.  

Driver’s Seat

Over time, the driver’s seat and its surrounding areas become smudged, among other signs of wear and tear. You may not notice them – familiarity breeds contempt, after all – but prospective buyers will definitely notice them and judge your car’s value based on them.

You should then have your car’s interior especially these areas detailed. Even a basic detailing job, such as cleaning the steering wheel, center console, seat bolsters, and door handle can make a significant difference.  

And don’t forget to deodorize your car after it has been thoroughly cleaned and detailed! You will not buy a smelly car and neither will your prospective buyers.

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