Things You Need to Do to Deep Clean Your Car

Things You Need to Do to Deep Clean Your Car

We all want to give our car a deep clean every now and then. But if you want to make sure you do it correctly, here are some things you should do:

1. Remove All Trash

Used clothes, dirty shoes, old receipts, plastic bags, empty cans, food wrappers, plastic bottles and everything you don’t need should be removed from your car before you start cleaning. Take out the floor mats and carpets as well.

2. Vacuum all surfaces.

Use the hose to remove any dirt and grime on the upholstery, carpets, floors and any other areas that your vacuum cleaner can reach. Once that’s done, brush the surfaces again. To remove dust from seat corners, air vents, dashboards, arm rests and seat corners, use the vacuum’s soft bristled brush attachment.

2. Spray and wipe the surfaces.

After vacuuming, spray the interior with suitable cleaning products and wipe each area after. Be sure to use products specifically for upholstery if cleaning car seats.

3. Use carpet shampoo.

After vacuuming the carpet, use a carpet shampoo to remove mildew, mold and stubborn stains. You can also steam-clean your carpets. Make sure they are completely dry before you put them back.

4. Air vents should be steam-cleaned.

Air vents may be harboring germs and bacteria, and the best way to get rid of them is to use steam. Place the steam cleaner’s nozzle directly on the vents. If you don’t have a steam cleaner, use an air cleaner spray instead.

5. Use steam or glass cleaning products for your windows and windshields.

Cleaning the windows and windshields is particularly important for your safety when driving your vehicle as a dirty one can hamper your vision on the road. For streak-free windows, use steam.

6. Use a soft bristled brush to clean dashboard, console and steering wheel.

Brush these areas to get rid of dust, dirt and grime. After wards use a multi purpose interior cleaning product to wipe them clean.

7. Brush door jambs and door panels.

Use a soft brush to clean these areas. Then spray with a cleaning solution and wipe dry using a sponge or mitt.

8. Sanitize the interior.

After you have brushed, vacuumed, sprayed and wiped the interior, you also need to make sure you disinfect all areas using a steam cleaner or a disinfectant product to get rid of viruses, germs and bacteria.

You should not wait too long to deep clean your vehicle. You use it every day so it’s important that it looks clean, smells clean and is thoroughly clean. If there are spills or food stains, remove these as soon as possible because the longer stains stay, the more difficult they are to remove. Besides, the resale value of your car may be affected if you don’t regularly clean your vehicle.

If you don’t have time to thoroughly clean your car, Mister Carwash or Fast Eddie’s offer car cleaning at an affordable price.

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