Removing Rust Stains from Car’s Carpet

Removing Rust Stains from Car’s Carpet

If your car’s carpet is starting to old and dirty, then it’s probably because it is, well, dirty. The interior of your vehicle can pick up dirt and stains especially if you use it everyday. But rust stains are a different matter altogether and these need to be addressed right away otherwise you won’t be able to remove them at all.

Here are the steps to remove rust stains effectively:

1. First, take out the stained area from your car.

This is applicable to carpets and mats only. If the stains are in areas that cannot be removed by you, then there’s no need to force it.

2. Prepare all the things you’ll need for this task.

For stubborn rust stains, you’ll need more than just a regular cleaning product. Prepare the following:

  • Vacuum cleaner
  • Knife
  • Small bucket
  • Dish soap
  • Sponge
  • Clean water
  • Clean towel

3. Scrape off the rust.

Using the knife’s blunt edge, carefully scrape away rust from the affected area. This will help loosen ingrained rust stains.

4. Then start vacuuming the stained area.

Before you apply any liquids, you need to vacuum any loosened rust and ascertain there are no leftover rust particles to keep the stain from spreading.

5. Blot the stain using a soap-based solution.

If you have a carpet rust remover product in your arsenal, you should use it first. But if this is not available, you can make your own solution. Prepare 1 tablespoon of liquid dish soap and 2 cups of water and mix them together in a bowl. Then dip a clean sponge into the mixture and use it to blot the stain. Blot only and don’t scrub or wipe. Let it sit for 15-20 minutes, but not longer than half an hour otherwise it will dry up and will cause a new problem.

6. Rinse with water.

Using warm water, dip a clean cloth or sponge and then blot the stained area.

7. Dry using a clean towel.

Using a dry towel, blot the area again repeatedly. Doing this will transfer the rust stain gradually from the carpet to the towel. Keep doing it until you are able to remove as much of the stain as possible.

If there are still stains left, repeat steps 1-7. Remember to dry the carpet completely before putting it back in your car to prevent molds from growing.

8. Vacuum again.

Finally, once the carpet is stain-free and dry, you can give it another once over to ensure it is thoroughly clean, dust-free and smell clean too.

The important thing to remember is that if you notice a stain in your car’s interior especially the carpet, you need to remove it as soon as possible. You don’t want it sitting there for so long as that will make removal more difficult. Knowing how to remove rust stains from your beloved vehicle will enable you to take action right away. A well maintained and clean car will not only help ensure your vehicle will stay in good shape for long time but will also help increase its resale value.

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