Facts You Need to Know About Cleaning Your Car

Facts You Need to Know About Cleaning Your Car

Driving a clean and polished vehicle is something car owners want. Very few people are comfortable driving a dirty car. Here are some facts you should know about car cleaning:

Majority of US adults (83%) use their vehicle a few times a week at minimum. The more we use our cars, the dirtier it becomes. And by dirty we’re not just talking about footprints and dust. Bacteria also builds up quickly. Here are some facts you should know about cleaning your car.

1. 6 Out of 10 Car Owners Believe Car Appearance is Important

According to a survey conducted by International Carwash Association (ICA), 62% of car owners don’t want other people to see their cars messy. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean their cars are clean.  they don’t want their messy car habits to be witnessed by the world. However, this doesn’t mean they have a clean car.

2. 6 Out of 10 Car Owners Leave Their Trash in Their Vehicles

We’ve all left our garbage – food wrappers, disposable coffee cups and empty plastic bottles – inside our car at some point. But according to the same survey, about 61% of people regularly leave their trash inside their vehicles.

3. 3 Out of 10 Drivers Say Their Vehicles Smell Bad

In the same survey, it was found that 27% of drivers admit their car has a bad odor. There are quite a few reasons for this – pet smells, dropped food bits, sweaty clothes stored inside the vehicle, smelly shoes, dirty AC, mold and others contribute to the stink.

4. 16% of Car Owners Never Wash Their Cars

In the survey, 16% of the respondents said they have never washed their cars.

5. People Touch Their Face 26x While Driving

People have been found to touch their faces an average of 26 times an hour. Frequent face touching heightens the risk of bacteria and virus transmission which can pass from drivers to passengers or vice versa.

6. There are 146 Kinds of Bacteria on the Steering Wheel

A study found that car interiors can get very dirty. In fact, research discovered 146 kinds of bacteria on the steering wheel alone.

7. There are 300 Kinds of Bacteria on the Back Seat

A microbiology expert found more than 300 kinds of bacteria on the backseat of cars including staphylococcus aureus which is responsible for cough.

8. There are 650 Kinds of Bacteria on The Driver’s Seat

Sanitizing your car regularly is a must. You should make sure each seat is disinfected too especially the driver’s seat as it’s been found to harbor over 650 types of bacteria.

9. 20% of Americans Eat Their Meals Inside Their Cars

 Dashboard dining has become a common practice nowadays due to people’s busy schedules. But this also adds more trash and dirt to your car due to spillages, crumbs, stains and leftover food.

10. 8 Out of 10 Dog Owners Bring Them in Their Vehicles

In a survey conducted by the American Automobile Association (AAA), it was found that 80% of dog owners often take their dogs for rides in their vehicles. Dirty paws, dog hair and pet smell can easily make a vehicle dirty.

Our cars can get dirty and messy, and this is something you can’t avoid. But by regularly cleaning it inside out, you can keep it tidy and save yourself from embarrassment when other people see your car.

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