How Do You Maintain a Leased Car?

There are tons of responsibilities that come with owning a vehicle. It’s a serious commitment that you have to take on if you want your car to keep running smoothly. These can actually get quite tricky and costly that some folks opt out of car ownership altogether.

One attractive alternative that became available as of late is vehicle leasing. So instead of buying a car, lots of people are now just leasing vehicles for long term use. This helps them cut down costs in many ways and allow them more flexibility.

However, maintenance is still a part of leasing a car. Of course, as the user, you still need to make sure that the car is in good, running condition in order to keep using it. You still have to keep it clean by washing it regularly or having it professionally washed at places like the Wash Tub or Scrub-a-Dub. The oil still has to be changed regularly, as well as  the brakes and even the tires.

Not because you’re not the owner of the vehicle does it mean that you don’t have to do all of these things. Neglecting such tasks can make the car unsafe to use in different ways.

Fortunately, by leasing, you have the option to do the maintenance yourself or enlist the help of your broker. Having this choice makes having your own car, even if it’s just on a lease, more convenient. You can choose which one works best for you.

Car Lease Maintenance Basics

One of the most important details about leasing a car is that you need to get it serviced regularly. Again, not because the vehicle is technically not in your ownership does it mean that you don’t need to bother about its maintenance. 

There will be a clause in your lease agreement regarding maintenance. In most cases, this is required once or twice a year. If you’re on a high mileage lease, you need to be more particular about this detail.

What will happen if you don’t maintain the leased vehicle accordingly? At the end of your lease, the broker will inspect the vehicle to make sure that you followed all of the contract terms. If you did not maintain the vehicle, they will know and you’ll have lease car return charges. These are often very costly so there’s a very good chance that it will cost you more than what you could have paid if you got the vehicle serviced.

To be very honest, there’s no way out of getting your vehicle maintained. You will have to take it to a mechanic for it to get the services it needs to stay in top shape. What you can dodge, however, is the hassle of paying out of pocket for services when you’re leasing.

How is this possible? As mentioned above, you have the option whether to do it yourself or enlist the help of your broker. If you want to simplify things, you can opt in for the maintenance packs offered by your leasing company. 

For an additional cost, your broker will provide coverage for all of the things that will need to be serviced and repaired during your lease. They can also throw in extra services for unexpected incidents like breakdowns. These will take off a significant amount of burden from your shoulders.

Maintenance service is just one of the many other benefits that you can get from leasing a vehicle. Take it into consideration as it may be an excellent option for you.

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