5 Tips on Using a Self Serve Car Wash

Have you been looking over Crew Carwash prices and wondering if the self service is a better option? A lot of car wash centers provide this service, and it’s ideal if you’re the DIY type. Here are 5 tips to get the most from a self service.

Center Your Vehicle

When you arrive at the car wash service, pull in the bay and get as near the center as possible. Doing this provides maximum area to move along the bay while your car is getting cleaned.

It is common practice to just drive in, stop the car and start cleaning. But by making sure your vehicle is in the right position your car will get a more thorough washing.


Most self serve car wash services have a vacuum, and you should take advantage of this.  Vacuum thoroughly and make certain to remove all the thrash. Doing this will save you time during the rest of the cleaning process.

Remove the floor mats and give each one a good shake. Rates vary but work as fast as you can. If you can remove some of the garbage before going to the car wash that’s even better.      Doing so saves you time and money and makes the cleaning more efficient.

Be Ready

This is a self serve car wash, so that means you’ll need to have your stuff ready before you do any washing. Have the towels you’re going to use at hand. Car wash services sell towels so you can get some there, but obviously it’s better if you bring your own.

Remember that time is money is in these service centers, so make sure you get maximum value. To save cash, set the controller to pre-soak and aim the wand at your car before dropping the dough in the machine. Once you put the money in, the machine gets to work.    

Efficient Washing

Start with the pre-wash followed by the tire cleaning. Next, soap the vehicle and rinse thoroughly. The key is to work as quickly possible but without missing out on anything. Don’t be too much of in a hurry that you forget to remove some of the soap.

Dry Quickly

Whether you’re going over Tommy’s Express Car Wash prices or some other site, don’t forget to dry as quickly as possible. Just get your car out the bay as soon as you are done and wipe thoroughly.

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