The Most Gorgeous Cars Ever Made

The Most Gorgeous Cars Ever Made

Yes, you ought to maintain your car exterior properly (and the interior too, for that matter) so it always looks nice. Wipe it down regularly to keep it free from dust, and bring it to the local Carmel Car Wash every now and then if you live in northern Texas.

But even the most professional car wash and car wax jobs can’t make an ugly car beautiful. But when you have a gorgeous car to begin with, you don’t really have to work that much to make it look pretty.

And if you’re wondering which cars are the most beautiful in automotive history, take a look at these beauties:

Jaguar E-Type

Sure, plenty of people will have different opinions on which car is the most beautiful. But gather many of these experts with good taste and tell them to make a list of the most beautiful cars ever made, and the Jaguar E-Type will probably get the most votes. That’s what happens when even Enzo Ferrari admits that a car that doesn’t feature his badge is the most beautiful of all time.

Those curves are downright sexy, yet they project an unmistakable aggression. It’s both elegant and muscular, and its natural beauty just has never been surpassed yet. It may be an obvious choice, but it’s a work of art.

Ferrari 312P Berlinetta

The older Ferrari models might seem a bit too much for modern laid-back tastes, with their swept-back shapes and hand-beaten alloy. But these are the designs that basically created the template of just about all the high-performance supercars in the last two decades.

Some say that Ferrari 312P Berlinetta is the most beautiful of them all, even if it didn’t really sell well and it’s not all that famous. But it’s wide and low, with a sleek and long design that exemplifies the design trends of its period. It may not be all that subtle, but then again, its beauty is undeniable.

Aston Martin DB7

Go with an Aston Martin made between 1993 and 2013, and you can’t go wrong. This was the time in Aston Martin history when the brand’s designers were obsessed with the golden ratio. And that obsession is best seen in the DB7.

This was the car that came out in 1993, and it was so beautiful that its silhouette was copied for most of the other Aston Martins that followed in this time frame. Its design seems timeless, and not overly exuberant. It’s basically like a good classic suit—it looks good on anyone at any time.

Alfa Romeo 8C Competizione

This is another car that’s relatively new, but historical significance isn’t really essential when it comes to a car’s beauty. This came out between 2007 and 2010, and the car sure wowed spectators of the time.

That gorgeous body is so highly regarded that many consider it the epitome of modern automotive art. It is entirely original, as it doesn’t rely on an existing model for its appearance. Yet somehow, it evokes the greatness of the historical racers of yore.

Lamborghini Miura

It doesn’t seem right that a list of gorgeous cars doesn’t have a Lamborghini, but this car definitely deserves its place here. It came out between 1966 and 1973, and nothing else during that time looked like this car. Truth be told, you might find it hard to find a similar car in the years that followed.

Its design purity is magnificent to behold, with a flamboyance that not overly flashy. Its just right, and it sure offers a performance promise that its V12 engine delivers!

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