Keep Yourself Safe While Keeping Your Car in Tiptop Shape

With the shelter-at-home orders, all non-essential businesses have been ordered temporarily closed. These included carwashes like Delta Sonic, which meant the suspension of basic car services like carwash and oil change. 

But if you use your car in going to work and in running errands, you should continue with basic car maintenance at home. The good news is that most of these basic maintenance procedures are doable! As soon as the car service centers and carwashes open, nonetheless, you should take your car to them for more advanced check-ups.  

Run Your Car Regularly 

Remember that cars aren’t designed to be idle, so to speak, and instead are designed to be driven. If your car has been parked in the garage for extended periods, you will end up with plenty of car issues on your plate. 

The battery loses its charge, the tires gets flat spots and the rubber parts become dry and brittle. Even when it’s parked inside your garage, its engines and interiors can become the breeding ground for critters and pathogens. 

The remedies for these issues are simple. You should drive it for 20 minutes or longer at least once a week to keep its battery charged. You’re also preventing rust build-up on the brake discs and other parts. 

Driving is also good for you as it shakes off cabin fever! 

Clean Your Car Inside and Out 

With time on your hands, you should clean your car of clutter and other things that makes it look and feel raggedy. You should dispose of leftover food, wrappers and other debris left in its nooks and crannies. You must also wipe and vacuum the surfaces including the seats, floor and ceiling as well as the dashboard. 

You should also wash your car’s exteriors from top to bottom! You may not do a better job than Delta Sonic does but it will have to do for now.  

Stretch Service Intervals 

If you’re not using your car as much as before, you can stretch out the service intervals. You can also change tires and oil change if you have the tools and if you think that your car really needs it.  

But if your car has issues that you can’t fix, such as mechanical problems, you should call an open local shop and ask about their safety procedures. You can’t be too sure about keeping your car in good running condition while also keeping yourself safe from the coronavirus. 

The pandemic has certainly changed the way we live. But it shouldn’t be a reason to keep us from enjoying life including your love for your car

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