Frequency Of Washing, Waxing And Detailing

Most, if not all, car owners want their vehicles to look their best, especially among those who believe that the state of their cars reflect their status in life. But how often should your car be washed, waxed and detailed? After all, too much of anything, even when done in the best of intentions, can lead to more harm than good!


The most basic – and crucial, if we may add – means of proper vehicle care is a thorough washing on a regular basis. When we say “regular”, we don’t mean as often as you shower or take a bath, if you do so at least once a day. We recommend a once-a-week wash, at the most, or when it’s actually warranted.

Why? For one thing, more than once-a-week washing will eat into your time and money, particularly when you’re a loyal Autobell customer. There’s no sense having your car washed if it’s just slightly dusty or dirty, money-wise.

For another thing, too much exposure of your car to tap water through regular carwash may result in mineral buildup, particularly in the hard-to-reach areas. The minerals in tap water can stubbornly stick to the painted, plastic and rubber surfaces, a process facilitated by the combination of engine heat and solar energy. The result is corrosion caused by trace salts in areas that aren’t immediately visible.


As for detailing, it can be done as often as daily, if you have the time for a do-it-yourself job. Keep in mind that detailing can take at least 30 minutes so you have to determine whether you have time for it. You may not have such time on most days.

And if you want excellent results, you should consider professional detailing at carwashes that offer the service. You can choose between an interior detailing only, an exterior detailing only, or a combination of both for a thorough job.


Depending on the weather, the quality of the wax used, and the conditions in which the car was used, the frequency of waxing can range from once every one month to once every two months. During the rainy season, a monthly wax is recommended.  

Don’t give your car more waxing sessions than it needs to shine. While waxing can make your car shine and create a protective layer against pollution and the natural elements, it can also cause damage. Again, too much of anything isn’t such a good thing. 

When in doubt, ask the carwash staff for advice on these matters. With a reliable carwash, you won’t be fleeced off your money so start by choosing a dependable one.

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