Exterior and Interior Auto Detailing Explained

For a more thorough cleaning of your car, you should choose interior and exterior detailing – the whole nine yards, so to speak! While a regular car wash at Mister Car Wash will suffice for everyday maintenance, an auto detailing will make your car look better. We all know the saying about our cars being an extension of our personalities so go for it!  

But before you ask for the service, you should first ask about its specifics – what types of service are included in it, for one thing – so you will know what you’re getting.

Exterior Car Detailing

The process starts with a thorough exterior wash that will remove the dirt, dust and grime buildup on your car. The strong detergent solution softens and lifts them off your car’s surface, from its wheels to its roof.

Next, the dirt, dust and filth buildup in the wheels, lug nuts, and brake calipers, among other parts, are also removed. Here, the detailer uses a wide range of wheel cleaning supplies and specially designed brushes to make these parts as clean, even shiny, as possible.

With the wheels cleaned, the auto detailers then wash and dry your car’s paintwork from its top to its bottom. Here, soft microfiber towels and washing mitts are used to achieve excellent results. Then, a special automotive clay bar removes the stubborn dirt from your car’s clear coat surface.  

In most cases, the auto detailers will also use polish in removing the signs of oxidation, minor scratches, and swirl marks on your car’s surface. Keep in mind that it’s a time-consuming process, whether it’s done manually or by a polishing machine.

Finally, carnauba-based paste wax is applied on the car’s surface to provide an extra protective layer on your car’s exterior, aside from making it shine. The windows, mirrors and other parts are also cleaned and polished so that your car sparkles.  

Interior Car Detailing

Why settle for an attractive car on the outside? You can also ask for an interior detailing service so that you can be proud of your car, inside and out!  

In an interior detailing, the interior upholstery including the seats and dashboard will be thoroughly vacuumed and shampooed. This will remove the buildup of dirt, dust and grime as well as remove the malodorous smells.

Even the leatherwork doesn’t escape the eagle eyes of the auto detailers. The leather surfaces are also scrubbed to remove dirt and conditioned to make it supple. The interior glass surfaces are also cleaned and polished, and it may well be the best polish you have seen them in!  

Again, why settle for an interior and exterior detailing? You may want to consider a thorough cleaning of the engine bay, too!

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