Automatic Car Washing vs Hand Wash

Improvements in technology have led to automation of tasks, and this is true in the car wash industry. In fact if you check Cobblestone Auto Spa prices and product offers, you’ll see that most of its services are automated. But there are still hand wash options available, so which is better?

Automated Washing

Automated washing is convenient and easy on the paint job. It does not scratch the surface while cleaning. No hard brushes are used that could otherwise inflict damage. The special equipment used makes a huge difference in terms of cleaning safety.

Automatic car washing is also more thorough. These machines don’t get tired and will not miss or forget any of the steps required for cleanup.  There is no need to worry that the person doing the cleaning is tired and might make a mistake.

An automated car wash service saves time too. The machines are quick, efficient and cost effective. In an automated process, the equipment uses the right volume of water, the right amount of conditioner and soap required to clean your car.

There was a time when automatic car wash cleaners had limited reach, but now they have become more adept. Setting up is also easier and they can be customized to fit your specific requirements.

Hand Washing

Hand washing is still offered in some car wash companies, and it is how cleaning is done at home. Hand wash also allows you to customize the process and have the car cleaned just the way you want it.

Hand washing is easy to set up too. All you need to do is get a sponge, cleaning solution and a few buckets of water and you’re set. With hand washing you’ll be able to clean hard to reach areas and focus on specific parts you want thoroughly cleaned.

The drawback with hand washing is it takes a lot of time and labor intensive. You’ll also use up a lot of water and soap. And if it’s not done properly can damage the paint. This is less likely to happen with an automated car wash service.


As Scrub-a-Dub prices show, automated services are more commonplace now. And it’s ideal for most cars and if you don’t have a lot of time in your hands. For classic cars, luxury cars, hand washing may be more appropriate. But overall, automated car washing is preferable and more practical.

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